Learn The 3 Step Reverse Pyramid Process We Teach To Help Med Students Score Up To 241-270 on the USMLE Without Wasting Time

WHAT'S INSIDE: The EXACT Step by Step Process For Success in Medical School That No One Has Told You (You Really Cannot Miss This)
  • Learn how to study DRASTICALLY more effectively
  • Decrease anxiety by following a proven, seamless strategy
  • ​Free up "mental RAM" to allow yourself the ability to excel on your CV (research/publications/philanthropy/leadership)...this is how I teach students to get 20+ research experiences on their CV!
  • ​Find out the 6 new ways to confidently stand out as a stellar applicant (Applicant Strata)
  • ​Stop wasting time doing stuff that doesn't help you become a stronger applicant
  • ​Prove everyone wrong.  You don't have to be a genius to match into your top specialty or your top residency program.  Students just like you are doing this by simply knowing the secrets that accelerate your progress
  • ​Reach accountability metrics that ensure you are on track to reach your goals (KPI's)
  • ​Work with a team of winners that share positivity and success (your network is vital.  We have been doubling down on this aspect of the program over the last few years!)
  • ​Skip the learning curve. Stop wasting time. Decrease the anxiety from blindly trying to prepare for class exams or boards.  There is a methodical way to prepare & learn medicine.  "Random actions get you random results".  Everything we teach is a calculated strategy based on neuroscience protocols and our experience with 1704+ students over the last six years.
  • ​Know that what you’re doing, is going to pay off in the long run
  • Ever wonder how a small subset of students remember info for months after an exam, rather than dumping everything a week later?  
  • ​You get access to the top strategies that only the elite students are leveraging 
  • ​In summary: Guidance on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of Med School (CV, ERAS, Research, USMLE, Personal Statement, MSPE & more!)
  • ​This is for you if you're working hard but not getting the results you deserve.
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"This will be the single most important decision of your entire life..."
Here are the top 7 insights that I've obtained over the last 6 years of coaching 1704+ high performance medical students:
1) I have YET to see a SINGLE student in the last 6 years utilize question banks to their fullest potential (UWorld, UsmleRx, Amboss, Lecturio, Combank, etc)
2) Going from bottom of your class, to performing at an elite level is NOT abnormal or impossible (if implementing the right strategies)
3) It's 100% possible to obtain 10-20+ publications/research experiences with little to no effort (I literally wrote the book on how to do this!)
4) Lastly, doing more of what you're currently doing is not the answer.  If you continue doing what you've always done, you'll continue to get the same results you've always gotten.
5) You absolutely should NOT be passively reading First Aid, watching B&B, or slowly listening through lectures for hours if you want to perform at the highest level.
6) If you understand a few simple laws such as our "UAM[P] Learning Protocol", "Reverse Pyramid UWorld Strategy", and "Scaled Repeatability", you will be up to 43% more efficient with your study time.  Imagine having almost 1.5x more free time due to improving your learning speed. 
7) Everyone is talking about UFAP, right? We all know that UWorld, First Aid and Pathoma is the backbone of USMLE/Medical School success.  But what almost no one understands about UFAP is that the Reverse Pyramid Strategy is the vital key to using it.  This changes everything!

It's mind blowing that this type of stuff is not taught to all medical students the day you enter medical school.  

The truth is, medical school "advisors" simply don't know these strategies (and the vast majority of medical students don't either!).

It's not your fault you are struggling or have not reached your Potential.

There are simply too many resources, not enough time, and too much conflicting advice out there.  It's not your fault that everyone tells you to use Anki / UWorld and it's not working for you.

It's not about inherent intelligence (Hint: I scored in the bottom quartile on my MCAT), it's about strategy and execution of a few key secret study methods.  I remember, when I got my MCAT score, I thought I was doomed to poor med school performance.  My counselors in med school even told me I shouldn't apply for vascular surgery (nobody from my school had matched into an Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency in my school's 40+ year HISTORY!)

If you knew the EXACT strategies that the top 2% of performers are utilizing, you could boost your USMLE by 20-60+ points, jump to the top of your class, and massively improve your chances of matching into your dream residency.

When you do this:
A) You instantly start shifting your thinking from answering questions as a "med student", to thinking like a test writer/physician -- This is insider info that almost nobody else has access to...I likely wrote some of the questions you have practiced with :)
B) It is much easier to spot the "trap" answers during your test taking.
C) You will gain new confidence.  Confidence comes from competence.  You do better, you feel better.  It's that simple.

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Check the results of some of our students:
Our students don't just set the curves, they crush them! #FuturePediatrician

My favorite feeling is getting messages from our students sharing their successes.  It's my vision for every student to feel empowered through their learning and ability to impact others with their knowledge.
Nikki skyrocketed 72 points (her scores are STILL rising right now!) after 3 months on the Action Potential team.  Prior to working with us, she had already went through UWorld, UsmleRx, Sketchy and Pathoma but NOTHING was working for her.  By helping her revamp her "learning process", she methodically has increased her score with each practice test she takes.  This will work for you no matter how overwhelmed you feel.  (In my last convo with Nikki, she said "I'm literally excited to take practice tests because I know my score will be higher than the last one!!...imagine that feeling of confidence) 
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1) Click the button above to get our free training
2) Submit more information about yourself on our questionnaire after watching training video
3) Book a call with my team or I on the subsequent page after questionnaire

I don't just give you the "fish", I teach you how to fish. You will use these skills to ace exams for the rest of your life.

This is not just some videos on USMLE mnemonics or topic explanations...

I'm literally walking you through the EXACT step-by-step process of how to learn in med school so that you can leverage it as your own secret strategy.

Learning how to Learn is the most high leverage skill that a medical student can learn.

This is a completely new opportunity for students that want to break the mold.

Imagine scoring so high in your classes and on your board exams that you don't even have to stress if you will match into residency.

Without the stress of worrying about exams, this frees up your "mental RAM" to focus more on our little known leverage strategies for locking in 10+ CV boosting activities in a very short time (such as research, philanthropy, case presentations, etc)

Imagine how much more confident you will feel with an impressive score but also a savage CV to present to program directors at interviews.

It's time to completely change the game.

Your time is now.

Becoming more efficient, effective and focused will allow you to reach every goal you have in life. For this reason, I focus heavily on mindset training for medical students in addition to our learning protocols. I can give you the "lottery ticket" strategies that ensure success, but you have to ultimately execute upon them.

Improving your mindset is the easiest way to leverage our little known techniques that will skyrocket your progress (there's a reason it seems "so easy" for some medical students!)

Seriously, don't take my word on this at all. Instead, I urge you to act now and learn how to create these changes that will ensure you reach new levels of success.

As someone who has devoted the last 6 years to coaching 1704+ medical students to score insanely high (270+) on their board exams (USMLE & COMLEX!), I can tell you that this strategy will change your life.

The best part?

Even if you haven't done well in the past, you have test anxiety or you don't even have any clue where to start, this will work for you.

If you're wondering if you qualify, read on:

1) We only work with students that are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
2) You have to be coachable and receptive to constructive feedback.

The reason why we have hundreds of insane testimonials is because we carefully select students that fit these two criteria.

This program is essential whether you are an M1 or an M3. The only thing, is that there are limited spots available.

First come, first serve.

If you're not using these strategies, I guarantee that your competitors will be.

If you're an action taker and this at least remotely interests you, give the Action Potential Mentoring Accelerator Program a shot.
Worst case scenario: You're surrounded by other highly motivated students/residents and learn crucial study techniques that you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

Best case scenario, you match into your dream specialty, change the course of your life forever, and achieve the goals you know you deserve.

Let's get started.

See you on the inside,

Dr. Austin Price
"With Austin’s engaging, clear, and focused teaching,
I was able to excel again. I gained back my confidence and approached challenges head-on. I am no longer in a place of being discouraged but I have a genuine love of learning again. I can attest to his dedication as I remember the time he took to teach me Cardiac Physiology until 2 am on one occasion, called me at 1 am to go over blood transfusion reactions, and taught me the various types of Leukemia from an airport after traveling to arrive at a rotation. When Austin commits to something, he gives it 110% because he truly possesses a dedication to teaching, to the people he commits to, and to the field of medicine."
Brianna Cocuzzo, MS-IV
"The combination of aiding comprehension and using practical memory aids that really stick is just one reason Austin’s methods are so effective. He emphasizes the importance of active learning and practicing critical thinking while understanding that part of what makes medical school so hard is the memorization of such a large amount of information. He doesn’t just leave his students with these daunting tasks; he helps with practical solutions that work based upon learning science."
Shivani Kaushal, MS-III
"I was freaking out 10/10 about what to focus on for boards and how to use UWorld to my greatest advantage. I just want to highly recommend Action Potential Mentoring (Dr. Austin Price) for your board studying. He is a recent NSU-KPCOM alum. He made me a study schedule for my target score based on my favorite resources and is guiding me through how to use UWorld. He knows basically every board question out there and absolutely decimated his boards. He’s also an amazing tutor/mentor and gives lots of unique CV advice (he actually matched to an integrated vascular surgery residency!). I would just reach out and see if he is what you are looking for."
Emelia Farnsworth, MS-III
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