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  •  Dr. Price's Shelf Exam, Step 2 & Step 3 Secret Archive Curriculum: Covers the highest yield topics for the USMLE & COMLEX that you need to succeed.  The entirety of the curriculum will be broken down for you in the Fibonacci Learning Acceleration Protocol so it's manageable and effective for long term retention.
  •  Test Taking Integrated Course:  The EXACT tactics I have taught > 2,000 students to reach massive success while studying for their boards.  I will teach you invaluable test taking skills WHILE covering content, so you can apply your knowledge immediately through active learning & learn to confidently think like a veteran USMLE test writer.
  • Free Gift #1: Exact Protocols to Follow to Minimize Stress/Anxiety/Indecision to annihilate your shelf exams and boards
  • Free Gift #2: The APM Guide to set your ideal Goal Score for USMLE Step 2 (+ we have included a Fibonacci calendar guide to make sure you're on track to hit your goal!  You can follow our protocols for your rotations or Step 2 & 3 prep!)
  • Free Gift #3: Full guides for Shelf exams, Step 2 CK and Step 3: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, OBGYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Neurology & more! (ENT / Ophthalmology / Immunology / Dermatology / Toxicology / Cardiology / Pulmonary / GI / Heme-Onc / MSK  / High Yield Integrations).
  • Free Gift #4: Action Potential Mentoring - NBME Top Things to Know
  • Free Gift #5: USMLE Style Question Walkthroughs Taught by Dr. Price
  • Free Gift #6: Highest Yield Images Walkthrough for the USMLE [Coming soon for new members!]
  • Free Gift #7: Top 20+ Highest Yield Rare Diseases for 270 Scorers [Coming soon!]
  • ​​Free Gift #8: ~ 4 Live Small Group Coaching Sessions Every Month
  • Free Gift #9: APM Retention Guide (follow along with the teaching content with this guide to facilitate active learning).  This Retention Guide can be even more beneficial if you utilize our strategies for your NBME Shelf exams or Step 2 + Step 3 prep.  The process builds on itself.  [Coming soon for early members as a free upgrade!]
  • Free Gift #10: ​Never before released, Fibonacci Learning Acceleration Protocol: The fastest way to improve your performance on the Shelf exams / Step 2 & Step 3 this year.  In addition to this, we will provide you a full breakdown of EXACTLY how to prepare every single day of the month during your shelf exam preparation.  You will get a strategy calendar to use for your rotation/shelf exam studying.  GONE are the days of ambiguity and not being sure what exactly you should be doing each evening when you get home from your rotation.  The Fibonacci Learning Acceleration Protocol solves that for good!  It helps you reach a perfect blend of content + targeted questions during your preparation in a way that builds on itself for long term retention.  Also, I have even included a Dedicated Board Prep version of the Fibonacci Learning Acceleration Protocol so that you can utilize this powerful technique throughout the year AND immediately before your boards.
  • Action Potential Mentoring Community: Network with other medical students & APM alumni that can connect you with opportunities for research / residency positions.  Get your questions answered.
  • Bonus: The opportunity to interview for our highest level of coaching where we cover: Reverse Pyramid Protocol, Scaled Repeatability, UAM[P] Learning Strategy, Residency Match Secrets, M1-M4 Strategies, Research Publications, Self Optimization Protocols (Anxiety Management, Focus Strategies, Med School Motivation, Additional Test Taking Tips, Biohacking, Fitness while in Med School & more), CV/ERAS/Personal Statement Review, UWorld FAQ's, Rotation Strategies, VSLO tactics, and 150+ more hours of content.
  • Dr. Price's Secret Archives Review Content Covers: NBME Shelf Exams, USMLE Step 2 & 3, COMLEX Level 2 & 3 
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*Every student's work ethic is different, and some students will not put in the effort to achieve these results.  I can compress your studying to the most efficient methods possible, but it is ultimately up to you to put in the work, attend the weekly live coaching calls, go through our highest yield videos and follow the Fibonacci Learning Acceleration Protocols*
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